VAT Consulting Services - United Arab Emirates

VAT – Value Added Tax

Managing VAT liabilities will be an ongoing challenge for businesses. Over time, the VAT legislation is likely to undergo changes, which will have an impact on businesses.


Other VAT considerations will come into effect with changes in business scenarios, such as launching new services, adding new transactions to your business, or changes in the structure of your supply chain. All of these will need review and advice from a VAT impact perspective.


Since all expertise regarding VAT may not be available to you internally, it is crucial that you partner with a qualified, experienced and FTA certified tax agent and supporter who can guide you in all matters related to VAT.


Wall Street Consultants can provide client-centered advisory services on VAT matters. Our dedicated VAT team can provide a range of VAT services. We can conduct a health check to review your company’s current tax situation and provide relevant advice on VAT. We can assist you with a range of VAT-related issues, including all aspects of VAT compliance.


In conjunction with other member firms of Wall Street Consulting, we can implement multi-disciplinary reviews or cross-border strategies.


Our consulting services include:

  • Conducting health checks for current tax positions and related advice.
  • Review of internal controls and procedures, including review of documents.
  • Clarification formulation (for FTA) – search for the correct VAT effect for proposed transactions.
  • Retention services – ongoing consulting, updates, compliance assistance, etc.
  • Conducting training for in-house employees to keep up with VAT updates.

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