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The accounting system is characterized by the possibility of managing the accounts of the establishment, the possibility of establishing an unlimited number of accounts at unlimited levels, and everything related to the accounting operations and daily entries regardless of company size. The system is characterized by ease of work and accuracy of extracted data, including statements of accounts and final reports, in addition to ability to control the validity of users on the accounts and at a high level through the access right and many other features.


It is characterized by a chart of accounts balances according to periods controlled by the client to review customer balances without returning to the program reports.


Ability to control how the chart is displayed on the desktop as a column chart, 3-D column chart, and so on.

Printing Designer

The barcode can be printed by the label designer for a specific Item, group or specific bill Item, and the number of labels can be controlled.


A Fast Report is a tool for printing reports and controlling in manner how is presented in order to suit the customer’s desire and his / her needs.

Closing & Balances Transfer

The program has the ability to close accounts and transfer the balances in a safe way, and allows the user to evaluate the final accounts by the end of the fiscal year.


Processing of the new financial year database after transfer, where the program creates an invoice for the first period goods and the opening entries.

Accounting Periods

Customer can determine the beginning and end of the financial cycle, as well as there is a possibility to determine the accounts that customer wants to transfer to the new financial cycle.


Establishment of opening balances accounts in the new fiscal year based on the results of the previous year and treatment of prepaid and due expenses and fixed assets.

Additional Features

The possibility of dealing with an unlimited number of currencies, with the possibility of controlling exchange rates, detailed reports and general ledger, and the determination of exchange rate differences to generate a direct record of the exchange differences generated from financial operations during the accounting period.


The system monitors and controls the statements of customer and supplier with tracking accurately of debit accounts as well as to calculate the debt life span of customers and outstanding invoices.

Attached to the program maintenance tools for files so that the files can be maintained from time to time without the intervention of the technical support dep. where these tools verify the data and ensure the correctness and integrity and works to correcting errors.


The possibility of dealing with banks and securities, where all operations carried out on the securities paid and received and for all currencies with a full link to all bonds and bank accounts to reach a bank settlement and cash flow.


The possibility of dealing with the discretionary budget allocated for periods to be determined by the client, with the possibility of showing reports of the estimated budgets of accounts and show the differences between the estimated budgets and actual.


Provides all financial reports from trial balance of the and income lists and financial position and the system provides the possibility to determine collection and distribution cost centers at the level of operations and the effect of those centers on the accounts and then show them in the ledger.


It includes many specialized accounting reports (financial statements, trial balance, cash flow, etc.), with the possibility of showing accounts at many levels and calculating currency differences.


The ability to export reports to excel files and print them, and control the designs of the Fast Report.


The program deals with the value added tax on the invoices of the program from sales and purchases, which are affected by the tax automatically, in addition to many reports on taxes.


The ability to manage and posting entries automatically and control the sources of vouchers to be posted and many other options.

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