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Do You Really Need an Accounting Software!! or its Just another EXPENSES!!


What is the importance of the accounting program?

It is what your startup or even an existing company might be looking for, as the lack of a good bookkeeping system that would provide warning signals that the company may run out of cash is one of the main reasons for companies failing, and you can choose to set up a bookkeeping system manually (using accounting books) Or, electronically (spreadsheets) or using an accounting program.


Planning to choose the best accounting software

Every business has different accounting software requirements. When choosing an accounting program, consider the following questions:

  • Does the system calculate all payroll requirements (payroll, annual leave, long service leave, etc.)?
  • Does the system track inventory, work in progress, orders, jobs, and other task management requirements?
  • Will the system be able to handle multiple bank accounts?
  • Does the system need to deal with foreign currencies?
  • Does the system keep track of separate financial records for each business or department within the company?
  • Does the system allow dealing with other computer systems such as online payments?
  • Does the system keep detailed records of customers, including what they buy, how often and when they buy (often referred to as the CRM system)?


Why buy and pay cash for an accounting program, when you can mentally figure out how much you earn?

Accounting is a business process that records business changes related to assets, liabilities, capital, income, and total costs.

In short, accounting is concerned with everything that has value in your company, whether it’s physical resources like furniture, computers, or vehicles, or intangible values ​​like software and patents, including human capital and employees.


Accounting is no longer done manually, a new time has come with new technologies that have greatly improved efficiency, speeded up the process and made it easier for accountants through the best accounting software.

The accounting software helps in the fast and efficient implementation of accounting operations in business systems.

Since the accounting function of every business system involves repetitive and routine operations, the implementation of this type of program is practically inevitable.


Therefore, the best accounting software is being introduced among the first in modern business.

Using this type of software is an effective way to record the costs, debts, and claims of a business system.

Based on the recorded data, the special units allow the accounting program to process the data specified by the user and create the necessary reports.


The most important features that you should look for when choosing the accounts program for your company:


Establishing a bookkeeping system through the best accounting software.

When you prepare your financial records, you need to ensure that they meet any compliance requirements such as GST or any other tax compliance.

This is done by preparing classifications, also known as a book of accounts, as the chart of accounts is a list of all the accounts needed to cover the financial transactions of the company.

Ratings are used to separate profit and loss accounts to show where the company achieves or loses money, and it is also used to determine the company’s overall financial position on the balance sheet.


1-    What are the characteristics of the best accounting software?

The following are the characteristics of the best accounting software that are able to change the way a company operates:

  • Security: Sensitive information, personal data, and accounting records are stored on password-protected software.
  • Minimal errors: Correct input errors promptly, verify digital documents quickly and easily, and avoid calculus errors.
  • Simplified Tax Compliance: The accounting software provides a reliable source of information for tax or audit settings and provides feedback for future auditors.
  • Flexibility: It is possible to adapt the accounting solution to your needs using a large amount of information.
  • Openness: Export reports in one of the most common formats.
  • Quality Support: Ability to upgrade the current version of the program, ask questions by email, quickly get a response, download helpful free utilities, and use helpful links.
  • Reduced Monthly Expenses: Save time and money by using free, fully functional products.
  • Increase Capacity: High-quality accounting software will automatically update your books and break down your workspace clutter, allowing you to focus on the most important work tasks.


What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) for accounting software

The KPIs of the best accounting software inform management and employees of the efficiency of the department and also align employee activity with company goals:

  • Cost per invoice: The total amount of expenses divided by the total number of invoices processed.
  • Financial Closing Cycle Time: The number of business days required to finalize and close books and submit financial reports to managers.
  • Payments percentage: the number of payments processed with approved purchase orders; Payments can be approved.
  • Financial Employment Ratio: It represents the total number of employees per financial employee.
  • Seller Payment Processing Time: The time required to process a single vendor invoice.
  • Stock Discrepancies: Coordinate and manage warehouse and inventory analysis personnel in order to identify and solve potential inventory problems.
  • Distribution Center Operations: Representing the day-to-day operations of distribution centers.
  • Vendor bill error rate: The number of invoices per percentage sent by vendors to the Accounts Payable department.
  • Salary Employment Ratio represents the total number of employees per employee salaries.


How to choose the right accounting program

Today, it has become easy, as you can use a consulting company to provide different accounting solutions, so, in order to choose the right choice among the best accounting programs, here are some things that must be considered and done before making the final decision:


Read reviews and reviews!

  • By reading other customer reviews you will have a glimpse of what to expect from your specific choice.
  • Search and read reviews that examine and discuss accounting software compatibility, customization and integration capabilities, ease of use, training, reporting, and support.
  • Analyze the information gathered and decide if this accounting software is the right solution for your needs.
Accounting Software?
Accounting Software?

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2-    Data security in the accounting software used.

  • Basically, if a security issue is of critical importance to an organization, it certainly needs very serious analysis. Pay attention to every minute detail when it comes to choosing the best accounting software.
  • To ensure data security, it is necessary to implement a periodic review of internal controls over data security, networks, backups, and overall system availability.

No matter what level of security you need, make sure your software has these capabilities built-in. This is the fastest way to protect your personal and customer information.


3-    Price and potential additional costs

  • Licenses (one-time expenses).
  • Software upgrade and maintenance (annual costs).
  • Execution (one-time expense).
  • Persons (annual staff-related costs that are essential to system maintenance).


Keep in mind these costs and create a budget for your accounting program. Also, think about upgrades depending on the software you chose and the specifics of the implementation. This upgrade can be simple with minimal impact on the organization or it can be expensive and have a very high impact.


Scalability and technical support

When choosing the best accounting software, estimate the expected growth of your company and then see to what extent your accounting solution must be scalable in order to keep pace with the company’s growth. It is also recommended to read other users ’experiences with customer support for your potential accounting program. Explore different types of support and choose the right kind for your needs.


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